Laser Services

RCI provides expert laser cutting and laser marking services. Fast and precise, laser cutting is great for Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Laser marking is an excellent choice for many Aluminum and Powder coat finishes, and is outstanding with plastics such as Lamacoid!

Is This The Right Service For You

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Laser technology has made cutting and marking the most efficient method of working with metal and plastic. RCI is equipped with Fiber Laser Cutting machinery, as well as Fiber and CO2 Laser Marking equipment. Ask how we can help you with any cutting or marking needs. Any job size, any quantity.

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How Can This Improve Your Business

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    Precision and Quality

    Laser cutting and marking is fast, precise, and provides the best quality work with little post laser work necessary. We can work with customer provided CAD files, or our experienced team can collaborate with you to give you exactly what you need. Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Cold Rolled Steel, as well as many plastics, are capable of being laser cut or marked.

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    Time and Cost Savings

    Laser cutting can be done in a fraction of the time required for typical punch and routing operations. Marking can be done extremely fast, and without the need to ink fill as is done with Rotary Engraving.

How our Process works for you

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Offerings that might Interest you

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Product Offering

Wall Plates, Panels, Electrical Box Covers, Rack Panels and Accessories, Broadcast Distribution Boxes, Enclosures, Mounts and so much more. Browse this area for your perfect solution, or use these pages as inspiration for your unique custom solution!

Custom panels

RCI Custom is globally recognized as a leader and innovator in Custom Plates and Panels. Rack Panels, Wall Plates, Electrical Box Panels, Truck Panels, Studio Panels...the list is endless. We even provide free design software to get you started. RCI Custom makes Custom easy.

Custom Services

Work with our experienced design team to bring your concept to reality. OEM/ODM work, Metal Fab, Laser Cutting and Marking, Custom Wiring and Cable, Fiber, and Graphics. Bring us your concept, or upload your ready to manufacture drawings - we will work with you to create the perfect solution. Creative ideas turn into finished products.  It’s that simple.